With a big thanks to Roger Pijpers, I can herewith describe how to add an (existing) workbook to the favorites of a user. This ‘adding/assigning’ can be done by executing the following steps.

  • Execute transaction SE37
  • Type in function module name BX_FAVOS_ADD_TRANSACTION¬†
  • Press F8 (execute/test)
  • The following screen will appear:

Within the above screen, at least the following fields need to be entered:

  • Username: Enter the UserID!! (not the name) of the user
  • TCODE: Always enter RRMX
  • Text: Enter the description of the workbook (this can be found in table RSRWBINDEXT)
  • SAP_GUID: Enter the technical key/ID of the workbook (this can also be found in table RSRWBINDEXT)

After having entered the above 4 mandatory fields,¬†press F8 (execute) again and you’re done!