Yesterday Bart Roelofs pointed out transaction ST14 to me. Today I’d like to share the added value of this transaction when monitoring your SAP (BW) system.
When executing transaction ST14, the following pop-up appears…in which I chose the “Business Warehouse” option.


After having pressed the green checkmark, the following screen appears

Within this screen many options can be explored. Please beware to schedule a job which refreshes the content of transaction ST14. (This scheduling can be done via the schedule job button which can be found on the top left of the screen).

After having refreshed the data (via the schedule job), I’d executed the TOP 30 PSA analysis option which generates the following screen (click for a better view)


The information shown can be used (eg. for housekeeping/PSA deletion)
Enjoy using this undervalued transaction which can provide great application analysis insight!