Sometimes you have to click-through several screens, within an SAP transaction/program, to reach your goal. Wouldn’t it be nice (as the Beach Boys stated in 1966) to simplify such a transaction/program by having the clicking be done automatically?
This (among other things) can be achieved by calling a transaction using BDCDATA.

First of all start transaction SM35 and press F5 or the Recording button


Pressing F5/Recording button leads to the following pop-up in which the Start Recording button has to be clicked

Create recording

In the example above I’m recording a program (the abap program is called /SSA/BWT) which I’m going to execute via transaction code SA38. After I’ve executed program /SSA/BWT, via transaction SA38, and have clicked my way through several fields, the following screens/clicks/manual input has been recorded:

Recorded program

This recording (called ZSVEN) will be used within a new ABAP program I’m going to create by pressing the PROGRAM button or F5

Creating a new abap

After some tweaking and alterations, my newly created ABAP (called ZMONITOR_RUN) is ready and its source code can be found here

Finally the newly created program (ZMONITOR_RUN) has been connected to a new transaction code, called ZMONITOR. This is done via transaction SE93