When starting a SAP HANA Proof of Concept (PoC), only one deliverable was mentioned, namely ‘testing’ the SAP HANA as an Appliance (with a SAP BO Visual Intelligence report running ‘on top of it’) solution. During the project, the scope was extended to also ‘test’ SAP HANA as a Database (by installing a greenfield BW7.3 system on top of SAP HANA).
Using the MCOD principle made it possible to use one SAP HANA system as ‘an Appliance’ as wel as ‘a Database’.

Today I’ve created my first ‘in memory’ DSO:

which I’ve populated with data afterwards.
As to be seen in the screengrab below, the loading and activation is extremely fast (8 seconds for 50.000 unique records)

Also transaction RSA1 comes with a nice feature regarding the identification of an in-memory DSO:

…to be continued…..