I believe all of us have been using the “calculation before aggregation” option multiple times working with (calculated) keyfigures when creating queries/reports. Even though SAP doesn’t want us to keep on using the “calculation before aggregation” option (see warning message below when using it in a SAP BW 7.3 system), it was never prohibited.


Until now…

Recently we’ve upgraded our BW system to version 7.4 (powered by SAP HANA) and to our surprise many queries could not be executed anymore. The following error is ‘thrown’ at us the moment we try to execute the query. (Either via Analysis for Office or transaction code RSRT)



The only way to bypass the above error is to manually change every query which is using a “calculation before aggregation” keyfigure and tick the checkbox as displayed in the picture below


And herewith explicitly stating that the “calculation after aggregation” option will be used…