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SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA)

Today my assignment as project manager for a SAP HANA proof of concept ends, which means I have to say goodby to the customer and its SAP HANA system. The latter implies I’m going back to old school acceleration via SAP’s BWA solution. As my BWA knowledge became rusty, I’ve...


Does SAP HANA Replace BW?

Yesterday I made notice of Product Availability Reports, highly appreciated by Oscar, which triggered me to share another link. This link answers/tries to answer the question if SAP HANA will be replacing BW. Enjoy your reading…


Exclude query to use BW Accelerator (BWA)

What’s in a name : High Performance Analytics(HPA) became Business Intelligence Accelerator(BIA) which became Business Warehouse Accelerator(BWA) which will, eventually, become Open Database Analytics(ODA). Anyway: After you’ve enabled a cube to be indexed/loaded to the BWA, all queries belonging to that cube will be executed via the BWA. You’re able...