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My only blogpost in 2017

Time flies when you’re having fun! It seems I’ve been having lots of fun managing different projects, as I lost track of time and did not post any blogpost until today. So here it is. Most probably my only blogpost in 2017. This one contains the presentation Ronald Konijnenburg and myself...


Calculation before aggregation: A big NO in BW7.4

I believe all of us have been using the “calculation before aggregation” option multiple times working with (calculated) keyfigures when creating queries/reports. Even though SAP doesn’t want us to keep on using the “calculation before aggregation” option (see warning message below when using it in a SAP BW 7.3 system),...


Getting out of my comfort zone: SAP Business Objects Dashboards


I’ve been a ‘back end’ consultant for most of my professional life. I started out with (back end) ABAP development and gradually moved over to (back end) BW development…and later on to Project Management, but that’s less relevant for this blog post. Even though I’m aware of the fact that...