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Nederlandse BI podcast: Aflevering 15

Yesterday we’ve recorded, via Google Hangouts, yet another episode of “De Nederlandse BI Podcast”. This episode was all about Data Science/Scientist with R and Geospatial in SAP HANA. And as always, it is all in Dutch 🙂 You can check our video podcast by playing the Youtube video above, visit...


15 things presenters should (really) stop saying


In October 2013 I’ve posted a blog stating the 10 things you should never say during presentations. Last week I’ve received an e-mail from Ivan Rodriguez pointing out a slideshare presentation created by Matteo Cassese (@matteoc) This presentation (embedded within this blog) can be seen as an “upgrade” as it...


#sitNL: Pubquiz 2014

"Who in the room likes hardcore porn?"
@svleuken moderating the pub quiz at #sitNL

— Thorsten Franz

A community event as the #sitNL deserves a final/closing session which is not about content, but about collaboration and having fun. That’s why, for the 3th consecutive time, the final #sitNL slot was granted to the PubQuiz. You can win the #sitNL PubQuiz without having a deep SAP knowledge… to...


Visual Intelligence at work: Charting culture

The animation, to be seen in the YouTube video below, distils hundreds of years of culture into just five minutes. A team of historians and scientists wanted to map cultural mobility so they tracked the births and deaths of notable individuals like David, King of Israel, and Leonardo da Vinci,...