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HANA requires new kind of cube: InMem Cube

As stated a couple of weeks ago in the InMeM DSO post, HANA requires a new kind of DSO. But not only a new DSO is available, of course also the cube will be presented.   As to be seen in the picture above: All dimensions (and the E table)...


SitNL 2011 (Sap Inside Track NL)

    On November 26th, SAP TechEd enthusiasts gathered for the third time at the SAP Inside Track NL; A community event where the borderless enterprise comes to live. At the SIT NL 2011 Peter Combee and myself hosted the BO/BI TechEd 2011 take away presentation. Enclosed a the presentation...


HANA requires new kind of DSO: In-Mem DSO

When the ‘traditional’ BW RDBMS has been replaced with HANA, you can gain ‘extra’ performance by introducing the In Memory DSO The big difference between a traditional DSO and an In-Mem DSO is the optimization when activation newly loaded data. The traditional ‘change log’ no longer exists as a true...