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SAP HANA Live vs SAP BW: When to choose what?

Lately I’m receiving more and more (reporting related) questions regarding when to opt for “BW (on HANA)” and when to opt for “HANA Live”. As BW has been around for years and years it probably doesn’t need any introduction. HANA Live on the other hand does: HANA Live is about...


#sitNL: Pubquiz 2014

"Who in the room likes hardcore porn?"
@svleuken moderating the pub quiz at #sitNL

— Thorsten Franz

A community event as the #sitNL deserves a final/closing session which is not about content, but about collaboration and having fun. That’s why, for the 3th consecutive time, the final #sitNL slot was granted to the PubQuiz. You can win the #sitNL PubQuiz without having a deep SAP knowledge… to...


#SITNL: PubQuiz 2013

A community event as the #sitNL requires a final/closing session which is not about content, but about getting together and having fun. That’s why last year the PubQuiz was introduced. As we should never break with tradition, also this years edition of the #sitNL ended with a PubQuiz.


SAP TechEd 2013 – Take away session

On November 14th, Twan van den Broek and myself presented a session on Ciber’s Customer Knowledge Carrousel. This year the annual Knowledge Carrousel was hosted on a beautiful location; An ancient church called the Orangerie in Den Bosch Our session was all about this year’s SAP TechEd. We (tried to) capture(d)...