Due to a laptop crash (and no, I didn’t make a recent backup 🙁 ) last week, it took some more time to write this blog entry about our ProfitBoost ‘adventures’

On Friday the 22nd of February we’ve presented our ProfitBoost solution at the SAP HANA Partner race at SAP AG in Walldorf, Germany. After a day of presenting and demo-ing, we came in third!! within a field of 27 competitors.
Enclosed a link to the Ciber international blog and a photo impression.

(For the Dutch readers: Also computable wrote an article about our ProfitBoost which can be read over here)

On Thursday the 28th of February our ProfitBoost tour ‘visited’ SAP Netherlands where Roel van Bommel hosted a well attended session. Within this session the ProfitBoost solution was explained and showed all participants how to turn data into actionable intelligence.

But the roadshow doesn’t end in The Netherlands as this week we’ll be in Oslo, Norway.

To be continued….