Today I’d encountered an annoying issue with an error stack in combination with a full load, via an DTP, towards an DSO. Eventhough I’d executed a full load (with only 1 entry), this entry was stored in the error stack (PSA) due to the fact that a record with the same key already existed in the error stack. (Probably due to a previous load)

To find out which entries exist in the error stack, you first need to know which (PSA) table is used as error stack/connected to the DTP used for loading.

As to be seen in the screenshot above, the (technical) name of the DTP is highlighted. Copy this (technical) DTP name as we need it later on…

Execute transaction code SE16 and view the content of table DD02V for the (technical) DTP name we’ve just copied. Paste this DTP name within field DDTEXT and add an astrix (*) in front of- and at the end of the DTP name.

After executing the above SE16 transaction, the following entry is shown:

Copy the technical (PSA table) name as shown in the first column (=TABPAGE) and execute transaction SE14 for this PSA table

Make sure the radiobutton Delete data is selected and press the Activate and adjust database button.
By pressing this button the content of the error stack (PSA) will be deleted, which enables you to restart your data load towards the DSO.
This time the load will be executed succesfully as there are no longer records with the same key existing in the error stack (PSA).