A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog entry about Ciber Netherlands’ SYTYCI (So You Think You Can Innovate)-competition which challenges its employees to come up with great new innovative ideas.

Last Wednesday the finals were held and I’m proud to say that we’ve “beaten” the competition and won the challenge with our GRiP proposition. Enclosed a photo-impression of the final in which we presented our proposition to the jury. (All photos are taken by Louis vd Wiele)

GRiP (aka GPP) is all about price (sales price, purchase price, …) differentiation using predictive analysis methods, enabling enterprises to increase bottom line profitability. Applying (predictive) algorithms, tools and data mining methods on enterprise data will help identifying potential price corrections for existing customer and product segments.

Current reporting and BI solutions offer business visibility to the following questions: ‘What happened?’ and ‘Why did it happen?’ What remains open are the business insight/business potential questions: ‘What will happen?’ and ‘What is the best that could happen?

Cibers GPP solution is using a unique combination of existing algorithms within SAP Predictive Analysis in combination with the in-memory ‘power’ of SAP HANA. The result of this ‘match made in heaven’ is an executive summary report (which shows the profit potential) as well as detailed recommendations, based on actionable operational reports, explaining how to ‘act’ to realize the profit potential.

If you want to know more about Cibers GPP and are interested what profit potential can be unleashed within your organization, don’t hesitate and send me an email!