In March this year I’ve co-hosted a presentation at a customer seminar in which I’ve stressed the importance of ‘following the cheese’.
Following the cheese (freely adopted from the “who moved my cheese” literature) was used to underline the ever-changing (SAP BI) world in which we’re living…as clearly to be seen in the picture below:

The left picture is showing the SAP BI world as it existed a decade ago, the right picture shows the SAP BI landscape of today.

It was great to read that not only SAP BI enthusiasts are living in a rapidly changing world and are facing the danger of ‘getting extinct’, also our “ABAP Developers” have to keep on moving ahead. This SCN blog, from Graham Robinson, is about “a Call to Arms for ABAP Developers” as they’re also forced to move ahead as otherwise they’re falling behind.
The SCN blog ends with a true statement:

Remember – “If you are not moving ahead – you are falling behind.”