Being a business consultant, at one of the world’s top 6 petrochemical companies, for a greenfield SAP implementation, (data) quality is a sensitive and much discussed topic.
Tom Breur of XLNT consulting has written a nice article about Managing Quality Improvement, which contains the following top 10:

  • 1. Business Change Is (Still) Driving The Need For Quality
  • 2. Quality Is Not A Technical Issue; It’s A Business Issue
  • 3. A Business Case Should Be Phrased In Numbers
  • 4. Most Quality Problems Tend To Be “System-Controllable”
  • 5. Provide Employees With The Means To Succeed
  • 6. Chronic And Sporadic Quality Problems Require Distinct Approaches
  • 7. Make Troubleshooting A Structured Activity, Too
  • 8. Don’t Let Firefighting Take Precedence Over Continuous Improvement
  • 9. Quality Control Isn’t About Statistics, It’s About Management
  • 10. Manage Quality Today, But Don’t Forget About Tomorrow

The full article can be read here