Nederlandse BI podcast: Aflevering 15

Yesterday we’ve recorded, via Google Hangouts, yet another episode of “De Nederlandse BI Podcast”. This episode was all about Data Science/Scientist with R and Geospatial in SAP HANA. And as always, it is all in Dutch 🙂 You can check our video podcast by playing the Youtube video above, visit...


Simplify SAP training: The SAP Learning Hub

The SAP Learning Hub is a cloud based solution that provides instant online access to the vast knowledge base from SAP Education with no need to schedule or travel to training. You’re able to get fast, easy access to all SAP’s latest learning materials for training as and when you...


S/4 HANA: What’s in it for us?


This time the Dutch BI Podcast (Nederlandse BI Podcast) was about the S/4 HANA announcement at FKOM, DKOM and at the official SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA Launch Event You can check the show via the Podcast player below: For more info about S/4HANA you can visit the following...


15 things presenters should (really) stop saying


In October 2013 I’ve posted a blog stating the 10 things you should never say during presentations. Last week I’ve received an e-mail from Ivan Rodriguez pointing out a slideshare presentation created by Matteo Cassese (@matteoc) This presentation (embedded within this blog) can be seen as an “upgrade” as it...


Displaying the SAP BW Metadata Repository via a web URL

All of us, who’ve been around in SAP BW for a while, will recognize the picture below. The ‘good old’ meta data (repository) available within a SAP BW system and accessable via transaction RSA1 But how to access this repository from ‘outside’ SAP BW. Thus without RSA1 and via a...