Last year Joop Wilmer, Margreet Klerkx, Roel van Bommel and yours truly participated in Ciber’s (Netherlands) “So You Think You Can Innovate” competition with our GRiP (Generating Revenue Potential). After we’ve won the competition, we’ve hooked up with Ciber Germany and started, in close collaboration, with the build phase of our solution.
Now, 3 months later, the build phase is complete and our product, called ProfitBoost, is ready to go to market.

Let me explain what ProfitBoost is all about.

Identify opportunities, explore options and find potential profit in sales and delivery

For managers who want to increase bottom-line profitability without completely reinventing the business, a few tried-and-true options exist. Business leaders can increase revenues by optimizing prices, lower SG&A costs, or lower costs in procurement, production and distribution.

But, lowering costs often involves process changes or organizational transformations that aren’t easy to execute, and incremental profits may not materialize for months. Optimizing prices, on the other hand, ups profit without massive change.

That’s where Ciber ProfitBoost@Sales comes in. It’s designed to help organizations optimize profit margins through well-informed price differentiation.


From Sense-and-Respond Mode to Predict-and-Act Profitability

Today, most companies analyze transaction data from sales, products, customers and other relevant sources, but traditional analysis tools, including online analytic processing (OLAP), merely tell managers what happened in the business previously.

More mature analytics let business leaders figure out why things happened the way they did. Still, these approaches are backward-looking, leaving organizations in a sense-and-respond mode.

Tools like predictive modeling help organizations use data to figure out what will happen in the future or what levers can impact the bottom line. The next level of analytics then lets companies know which steps are best to take and which levers are best to pull. To be effective, such analytics must provide such insights quickly enough to meet rapidly changing competitive circumstances.  Companies can do that with Ciber ProfitBoost@Sales


Turning Data into Actionable Intelligence

Designed for on-premise or on-demand delivery, this powerful tool is based on SAP PA (Predictive Analytics). It combines algorithms in SAP PA with data mining capabilities on SAP HANA to help organizations identify, explore and, ultimately, realize incremental potential profit in sales and delivery.

Traditional database environments can’t keep up with the vast amounts of data that can quickly be processed using the in-memory technology of SAP HANA. In a traditional environment, the powerful analytics that organizations get with ProfitBoost@Sales would take so long to run, companies couldn’t optimize price or explore profit calculations on the fly.


SAP HANA delivers processing speed, Ciber adds analytic functionality, so ProfitBoost@Sales allows customers to:

  • Increase sales revenue and optimize margins
  • Identifying potential price corrections for existing customer and product segments
  • Highlight areas for margin optimization through price differentiation
  • Optimize sales by improving sales effectiveness
  • Increased bottom-line profitability



Furthermore ProfitBoost@Sales is accessible on mobile devices, so a sales representative at a customer site can use this powerful tool in price negotiations or in making special offers while boosting bottom-line results.

I’ve also taken the liberty to create a promotional trailer which can be found here on YouTube: Feel free to use it and spread the (ProfitBoost) word!