As I received positive remarks for my previous post regarding a ‘forgotten’ transaction called Application Analysis (tcode ST14), I’d this time like to write a bit about another nice transaction called the “Report to Report Interface” (RRI).

The RRI can be started via transactioncode RSBBS and can be used to “jump around” between SAP (BW) reports and transactions. Via a BW report the possibility is created to call (and jump to) an SAP ECC/BW/SRM/CRM… transaction or to call another BW report.
This blog is about ‘jumping’ to an SAP ECC transaction called MB03 ( Display Material Document).

Step 1:
Initiate the jump targets from within a SAP BW report by executing transaction RSBBS


In the above example the sending report (Z…./TR_CO) is able to jump to 2 separate targets. The first target is another SAP BW query with the technical name (E38LBF….ZP01). The second target lets us jump to SAP ECC transaction MB03.

  • If you’d want to know the technical name of the query you’d like to jump to (as shown as the first target in the picture above), execute transaction RSRT and type in the (regular) query name


  • After pressing the Technical Information button the following screen appears in which the technical query name can be found



Step 2:
Execute transaction MB03 to find out the (technical) names of the input fields Material Document and Material Doc. Year by pressing the F1 button and then go to technical details.


Step 3:
Create an infosource which will be used to map an SAP BW infoobject to an SAP ECC input field. In this case infosource ZMATDOC will be created.


Step 4:
Within infosource ZMATDOC be sure to connect to the correct (ECC) source system (instead of, for example, source system FLATFILE) and map the SAP BW infoobjects to their respective SAP ECC counterparts. In our example this means mapping 0DOC_NUM to MBLNR and 0DOC_YEAR to MJAHR.


Step 5:
Execute your SAP BW report (as stated in step 1) and press the right mouse button on a SAP BW field (Characteristic). Within the pop-up that appears, press Goto and both the jump targets we’ve created will appear!