One of my new years resolutions is a bit of housekeeping and/or cleaning out my closet. Being primarily focused on SAP HANA last year, made me completely forget to post this nice SAP BW feature for way to long. To live up to my new years resolution I’m therefore now blogging something I should have blogged way back.
Analyzing a query, by opening it in the SAP BW Query Designer, isn’t very straightforward if you’d like an instant overview of all elements (variables, keyfigures, conditions, restrictions, etc) used within that particular query.

You have to click/rightmouse click on every element to receive more detailed info.
Luckily you can execute (ABAP) program RSRQ_QUERYDEFINITION (or execute transaction code RSRTQ) which will lead you to the following selection screen (click for an enlarged image):

Within the selection screen you should enter the technical name of your query (eg. ZSL_ZXLS_SD03_TOP10) which you can enter directly or search via the pulldown menu (or by pressing F4). Ticking all check boxes within the output area, setting the radiobutton to technical names and executing the report (press F8), will generate the following overview:

As you can see in the screenshot above, I’ve ‘opened’ the Exceptions and Conditions branch, showing that this query contains an Top 10 condition.

Enjoy this golden oldie!