After the creation of a new analytical view, via the SAP HANA studio front-end tool, I continuously got an annoying pop-up message, telling me that a “measure cannot be identified“. As this message was generated via a pop-up, instead of the regular job-log, no more additional information was shared.

The analytical view I’d created was a simple inner join (as to be seen in the screen grab below) between the Purchase Header table EKKO and the Purchase Item table EKPO.

It took me a while (as google showed no useful results for ‘SAP HANA measure cannot be identified‘) before I found out what was wrong and how to fix it.
It turned out to be that, maybe caused be the fact that I’d created an INNER join instead of a regular one, the system wanted to know which of the two tables (EKKO or EKPO) was the ‘central one’

After having assigned EKPO as the central entity, as to be seen in the screen grab above, the “measure cannot be identified pop-up disappeared and I was able to save (and activate) my analytical view.

Beware: The central entity property is only visible after having selected/clicked on the data foundation rectangle as to be seen on the left of the above screen grab!!