When modelling, in close cooperation with Ciber Germany, our solution for the SAP HANA race in Walldorf, an error occurred when executing a query/report on our datamodel. No errors were detected while checking and activating the datamodel, but running a query on the datamodel generated the following error message:

It took a while before I could identify the problem and work towards a solution.
The calculation view on which the query was build, was based upon an analytical view which contained field NETWR. The NETWR field is populated/extracted from the SAP ECC EKPO table.

As this measure (NETWR contains the Net Purchase Order Value) has a relationship with a currency, I’d linked this (NETWR) field to currency field WAERS.

After creating a new measure called NETWR_EUR, in which the result of a currency conversion from NETWR to currency EUR was stored, the analytical view was automatically ‘extended’ with a new attribute called NETWR_EUR_CURRENCY:


After removing this NETWR_EUR_CURRENCY field from the calculation view (so attribute NETWR_EUR_CURRENCY remains within the data foundation layer of the analytical view), the “Currency ViewAttribute finalAggregation“-error didn’t occur anymore!