Lately I’m receiving more and more (reporting related) questions regarding when to opt for “BW (on HANA)” and when to opt for “HANA Live”.
As BW has been around for years and years it probably doesn’t need any introduction. HANA Live on the other hand does:

HANA Live is about real-time operational reporting, directly on a (Business) Suite running on SAP HANA, without any redundancy or latency and
provides SAP-delivered content (similar in concept like SAP BW business content).

Luckily, during the TechEd in Berlin, I stumbled upon the following decision tree which has been presented at the DMM204 (SAP HANA Live and SAP BW – A Perfect Match) session.
decision tree

By answering the above 15 questions, points are being granted to either HANA Live or SAP BW.

  • Scoring 11-14 points for HANA Live? –> ¬†Go for HANA Live
  • Scoring 05-10 points for HANA Live? –> Go for a hybrid approach
  • Scoring 00-04 points for HANA Live? –> Go for SAP BW (powered by SAP HANA)

Hopefully this might come in handy!