As mentioned in an earlier blog, also this year, for the 4th time in a row, the SAP Inside Track – Netherlands (SITNL) was organized. Because the SAP Teched had a closing event with a big social(izing) impact (read: Supertramp), we’d (the SITNL organizational committee) also wanted to go out with a big social bang and that’s why this year the PubQuiz was introduced.

The idea of the PubQuiz is very easy: Have some beers, socialize with your peers and answer the questions correct without any fears. (That’s a nice rhyme 🙂 )
A (small) slideshow, containing pictures made by Twan van den Broek, has been added to this blog to give you an impression of what the PubQuiz was all about:

For those of you who were unable to attend this years SITNL or want to re-play the PubQuiz: Here’s your chance!

The answers to the PubQuiz questions can be found here
If you’d like a visual impression of the SITNL (including the PubQuiz), I encourage you to watch this YouTube video made by (SAPMentor) Twan van den Broek.

Hope to see you all at next years SITNL!