During this year’s #sitNL, pubquiz v2.0 was introduced. No longer powerpoint driven, but fully interactive and mobile.
Luckily the fun factor still remained…as in the end that’s the only real driver for the pubquiz

After having received multiple requests regarding re-doing/re-living the fun, I’ve created this blogpost to inform all of you how to launch the #sitnl2015 pubquiz via kahoot.it

STEP 1: Visit Get Kahoot and sign up for free

STEP 2: After having signed in, go to tab page “ALL” (as to be seen below) and search for “#sitnl”

STEP 3: If the search was successful, the following 2 #sitnl entries will be shown:

STEP 4: Click on the name of the Pubquiz, as to be seen on the following screengrab:

STEP 5: Click on the purple square named “Preview”:

STEP 6: Clicking preview will lead to the following screen in which the green “Launch” button needs to be pressed:


STEP 7: After having launched the pubquiz a game pin, in this example 117635, will be generated:


STEP 8: Enter this gamepin within the iPhone “frame” on the right side of the screen:

STEP 9: Enter a nickname and press the “OK, go” button

STEP 10: The iPhone “frame” displays a success message whenever “you’re in” the game. Also your nickname will be shown on the left side of the screen:

STEP 11: Press the “START” button on the top right of the screen and you’re ready to roll and re-live to moment 🙂

A big thanks/shout out to Dick Groenhof for introducing Kahoot to me and helping me out in many ways!