After all those years I still get pleasantly surprised by little gem transactions, deeply hidden away and not often used. Transaction ST13 is one of those nice little transactions…
I think I’ve gotten a bit ‘spoiled’ regarding several handy features which can easily be used within the SAP HANA studio…and are hard to find within “RSA1”; One of those features is to show the distinct values of a column within a table.

ST13 can be used for several different analysis purposes, as to be seen in the screen shot below:

This blog will focus on the TABLE ANALYSIS possibility as I’m interested in finding out the distinct values of a particular column in a particular table. Execute transaction code ST13 and enter TABLE_ANALYSIS within the tool name input field:

Within the following screen I’m entering master data table /BI0/PMATERIAL, belonging to infoobject 0MATERIAL. I’m wondering how many distinct values there are for column MATL_TYPE (Material Type)

The result of ST13 – TABLE ANALYSIS for column Material Type within master data table /BI0/PMATERIAL is as follows:

This blog only highlighted a very small feature (TABLE ANALYSIS) of transaction ST13. Have fun exploring its other features!