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Jump start a ‘hanging’ Process Chain

Sometimes a step within a process chain seems to be ‘hanging’ for no particular reason, causing the process chain to wait in vain for it to finish. I’ve added, as an example, a screen-shot of a ‘hanging’ process chain step which extracted 0 records from its source system, but did...


Activation of a cube/iobj/mpro/odso in a (closed) production system

Within SAP BI 3.x and also within SAP BI 7.x you have the possibility to activate infocube’s, DSO’s, etc. in a productive (closed) system, without having to transport them (again) from development. To achieve this activation, the following ABAP programs can be used: RSDG_ODSO_ACTIVATE: Activation of all ODS ObjectsRSDG_IOBJ_ACTIVATE: Activation...