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Need more HANA memory? Clean out your change log(s)!

Because, to some, SAP HANA memory is (still) expensive, it’s wise to clean out unnecessary memory when running your SAP BW system on SAP HANA. Of course PSA’s are regularly cleaned (this was usually already initiated when running you SAP BW system on a non SAP HANA database) as no...


From IaaS, to PaaS, to SaaS, to PizzaS ;-)

The VNSG (Dutch SAP user group) visited Walldorf two weeks ago and during this visit Jos Houben (VP, CIO Customer Office, SAP SE) shared some inside information about moving the suite to Hana, Ariba and hybrid landscapes. As I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share his entire presentation (NDA/disclaimer wise), I’m only...


Reporting on (non-materialized) transitive attributes

Reporting on a transitive attribute, aka an attribute of an attribute, can be a tricky thing to model if you don’t want to materialize the transitive attribute(s) in your data provider. Imagine we have an infoobject Z__ATE which represents a calendar day and contains many (date related) attributes, like fiscal...


S/4 HANA: What’s in it for us?


This time the Dutch BI Podcast (Nederlandse BI Podcast) was about the S/4 HANA announcement at FKOM, DKOM and at the official SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA Launch Event You can check the show via the Podcast player below: For more info about S/4HANA you can visit the following...