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Adding a SAP BW workbook to favorites of a user

With a big thanks to Roger Pijpers, I can herewith describe how to add an (existing) workbook to the favorites of a user. This ‘adding/assigning’ can be done by executing the following steps. Execute transaction SE37 Type in function module name BX_FAVOS_ADD_TRANSACTION¬† Press F8 (execute/test) The following screen will appear:...


Shortdump when accessing a (role) menu

When logging on to a BW system via the SAPGui, you can access your user (role) menu. Within this user menu/SAP easy access menu, a hierarchy of roles/menu entries will be displayed upon wich can be clicked. Clicking such an entry generated a shortdump (MESSAGE_TYPE_X) which was not self explanatory....


Which authorization objects are checked while executing a transaction

If you wonder which authorization objects are being checked while executing a transaction, transaction code SU24 is very usefull.Start transaction SU24 and enter the transaction code you want to check (eg. RSA1)A list will be displayed containing all authorization objects which can be checked. Column Check Ind. triggers the actual...