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Browse infoprovider content via RSRT using a ‘non existing’ query

Browse infoprovider content via RSRT using a 'non existing' query

Imagine you’ve created an (acquisition) DSO for which you’d like to browse its content. Imagine this DSO contains General Ledger Data and is called MC_O005 Of course “Display data” or SE16 can come in handy, but slicing and dicing on this data isn’t easy. Wouldn’t it be nice if there...


Calculation before aggregation: A big NO in BW7.4

I believe all of us have been using the “calculation before aggregation” option multiple times working with (calculated) keyfigures when creating queries/reports. Even though SAP doesn’t want us to keep on using the “calculation before aggregation” option (see warning message below when using it in a SAP BW 7.3 system),...


Simplify SAP training: The SAP Learning Hub

The SAP Learning Hub is a cloud based solution that provides instant online access to the vast knowledge base from SAP Education with no need to schedule or travel to training. You’re able to get fast, easy access to all SAP’s latest learning materials for training as and when you...


SAP BW query definition/details

One of my new years resolutions is a bit of housekeeping and/or cleaning out my closet. Being primarily focused on SAP HANA last year, made me completely forget to post this nice SAP BW feature for way to long. To live up to my new years resolution I’m therefore now...


Want to find out which queries have been created on a dataprovider?

Being active on a global SAP BW roll-out, I’d to find out which queries had already been created on a dataprovider (DSO, Cube, MultiProvider,….) before creating new ones. As all roads lead to Rome, I’m herewith sharing the road I’d taken today. Execute transaction RSRT Within the ‘Menu bar’, select ‘Environment’ and...