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SAP TechEd 2014 : Takeaway visual recap

On the 29th of November, during the 6th edition of the sitNL, Ronald Konijnenburg and myself hosted a 60 minute re-cap on all SAP BI related highlights of the TechEd in Las Vegas and Berlin. This evening we redid our presentation and recorded it via Google hangouts. For those not...


SAP HANA Live vs SAP BW: When to choose what?

Lately I’m receiving more and more (reporting related) questions regarding when to opt for “BW (on HANA)” and when to opt for “HANA Live”. As BW has been around for years and years it probably doesn’t need any introduction. HANA Live on the other hand does: HANA Live is about...


De Nederlandse BI podcast: Aflevering 12 (Teched 2014 and others…)

This time Dutch BI Podcast (Nederlandse BI Podcast) was about scrum, project mangement, front-end and TechEd: A real melting pod 😉 You can check the show in iTunes, on the website or you can use the Podcast player below: Please pay attention to the nice “DJ Tiesto”-like mixing done by...