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Why a calculated column contained invalid (empty) values

When creating a calculated column (within an analytic- or calculation view) via the SAP HANA studio, unexpected behaviour was detected….after several hours of debugging. Herewith a small blog entry on what happened and how it was solved. After having extracted the VBAP (sales order items) table to HANA, this VBAP...


Fixed Point Arithmetic (issues after copying a function module)

According to Wiki a fixed-point number representation is a real data type for a number that has a fixed number of digits after (and sometimes also before) the radix point. (More info to be found here) Within SAP (BW) fixed point arithmetic is┬ásometimes being used┬áby function modules When we’d made...


Conversion of DTP’s (after a BDLS)

Not always, when a BDLS has ran (usually after a system copy/restore) all existing DTP’s have been properly ‘BDLS-ed’. To ‘BDLS’ (or in proper English ‘convert’) DTP’s, program RSBKDTP_BDLS can be used.