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Usefull (std. SAP) ABAP programs within a SAP BI environment

Listed below several “may come in handy” ABAP Programs (within a SAP BI environment) RSCDS_NULLELIM: Delete fact table rows where all Key Figure values are zero. See Note 619826. RSDG_CUBE_ACTIVATE: Activation of InfoCubes RSDG_CUBE_COPY: Make InfoCube Copies RSDG_CUBE_DELETE: Delete InfoCubes RSDG_DODS_REPAIR: Activation of all ODS Objects with Navigation Attributes RSDG_ODSO_ACTIVATE: Activation...


Exception handling when calling a FUNCTION MODULE

Sometimes coding (in transfer rules, transfer routines (on infoobjects) or update rules) can cause problems due to invalid exception handling of function module calls. When calling a function module (eg. READ_TEXT) always enable the EXCEPTIONS part of the function call, otherwise a shortdump will occur. (When, in the coding of...