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De Nederlandse BI podcast: Aflevering 12 (Teched 2014 and others…)

This time Dutch BI Podcast (Nederlandse BI Podcast) was about scrum, project mangement, front-end and TechEd: A real melting pod 😉 You can check the show in iTunes, on the website or you can use the Podcast player below: Please pay attention to the nice “DJ Tiesto”-like mixing done by...


SAP HANA Answers, a helpfull Eclipse/HANA studio plugin

SAP HANA Answers allows you to search, post and answer SAP HANA related topics from within Eclipse/Hana Studio. SAP HANA Answers can be installed the following way: Open Eclipse/HANA studio Click on Help->Install New Software In the “Work with” input box, enter: https://answers.saphana.com/updates  Click the “Add” button and complete the...


SAP HANA cloud possibilities

I’ve been lucky to have been working, for the last 1,5 year, with an ‘on premise’ HANA server which was purchased by my employer. For those of you who aren’t that lucky, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a very good ‘cloud’ alternative. AWS is using a ‘pay per use’ model...