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Constant selection in query (Apples and Oranges)

The great thing about an infoset is that it can combine data from different sources via a “JOIN” (inner/outer) mechanism. This may come in very handy if you want to report on two different sources (apples & oranges) without having to show the annoying ‘#’.But what to do if you...


Inconsistent Multiprovider after upgrade to version 7.0

After having upgraded to SAP BI version 7.0, several multiproviders became inconsistent. (Starting a query, based upon these multiproviders, ended with a BRAIN 152 error)Inserting a “NO_A135_A152” entry to table RSADMIN solves the problem. You can use program SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN to add an entry to the RSADMIN table(For more info please...


Find out which queries are created for a Infocube/Multiprovider

It’s ‘easy’ to find out which queries have been created “on top of” an infocube or multiprovider.–> Execute transaction RSA1 and press the “Metadata Repository” button (left bottom of the screen)–> Within the overview of all repository objects, click on multiprovider or infocube. See screengrab below–> A list of all...