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Using STATICS command

It is commonly known not to read from database tables in fieldroutines. Otherwise you will meet performance problems. The most usual approach is to fill an internal table in the startroutine and do a binary search on internal table in fieldroutine. It is difficult to catch such a procedure in...


Hierarchy on navigational attribute decreased query performance

A multiprovider, based upon 5 different infoproviders and 2 infoobjects, was causing a performance drain whenever a query was executed. Every query, based upon this multiprovider, contained a hierarchy on a navigational attribute of an infoobject.Eg. Infoobject A –> navigational attribute B –> Hierarchy C.To make sure that the hierarchy...


Boosting performance of START routine

There are several ‘places’ where custom made ABAP code can be added within a SAP BI system. One of those places is the START ROUTINE (of an update rule). Within such a start routine, the (incomming) data package can be altered/extended.This alteration is usually done via ‘looping’ over the datapackage:...