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Prevent automatic migration of 3.x queries to version 7.0

Once you’ve migrated a 3.x query to version 7.0, you can’t alter it anymore within a 3.x query designer, as a 7.0 query is not downward compatible. (Even though you can still execute a migrated 7.0 query with a 3.x BEx Analyzer/Query designer, you aren’t able to alter it anymore)...


EEDO516X error while upgrading from BI 3.5 to BI 7.0

While upgrading a BI 3.5 system, which includes QlikView, from version 3.5 to version 7.0, the following error occurred in the ACT_700 phase: 1EEDO516X”Index” “/QTQVC/TABLECONT” “Z01” could not be activated 1EEDO516 “Index” “/QTQVC/USERCONT” “Z01” could not be activated For me it was very strange that a SAP upgrade could not...