As an SAP BW developer I don’t often come across classes and methods as, traditionally, function modules are more often used.
So a couple of weeks ago, when I was asked to validate and debug a transformation which contained several methods, I was a bit puzzled.
Via transaction SE24 I found out that a particular class contained several methods, as to be seen below:

When browsing the 2nd column (called Level in the “table” above), you can see that there’s a distinction between an Instance- and a Static Method. After pressing the test button (=F8), only the Static Methods could be validated/tested as to be seen in the screengrab below:

The trick of testing Instance Methods is, of course, creating (initiating) an instance. This can be achieved by pressing F8 or by pressing the Instance button on the top left. After having entered the required parameters…


…the Instance methods also ‘become available’ and thus can be tested/validated: