Mid March I’ve visited a chapter meeting of the PMI Netherlands chapter. During this chapter meeting Anouk Brack took the stage and enlightened all participants with a (hands on) session regarding “Leadership Embodiment”

According to Anouk Leadership Embodiment is a practice of calm and assertive presence that results in a confident, connected and clear state. This state increases your capacity to respond to pressure with greater presence, dignity and wisdom.
The practice is to notice our reactive pattern (personality) kicking in and, using breath and posture, restore a calm, connected presence (centre). The aim is to be able to do this under pressure/at times when we most need it.

  • Personality: the part of us that manages stuff (people, things, ideas) in order to keep us safe. Often contracted, tense or stressed.
  • Centre: the part of us that we experience when “in the flow”, more connected with the space around us.

If you’d like to know more about leadership embodiment you can watch Anouk explaining Leadership Embodiment in 2 minutes. If you have 3 more minutes to spare, you can also watch the 5 minute video with Wendy and Tiphani Palmer on the background and purpose of Leadership Embodiment, includes Aikido footage. Last but definitely not least, Anouk can be reached via her website