To prepare myself for a next project in which scrum plays a big part, I’d ordered a book called “De kracht van SCRUM” (The power of SCRUM).

This management book is a fictive novel that can be read in two to three hours. De Kracht van Scrum tells the story of Mart Verhulst, CTO of a large software company who is struggling with a delayed software project of one of its American customers. With the help of Pekka, a Finish Scrum-coach, he decides to go a different direction with this project and manages to solve a number of often-seen problems in the organization.

The book, which can be ordered here, arrived today….. and I’ve read it in one breath :-).
In a novelistic way all elements of Scrum are being described which makes it easy to read and understand. To give you an impression of what the book is about, you can watch the following youtube movie.

Enjoy the viewing or reading….