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The power is in the recovery

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Mid March I’ve visited a chapter meeting of the PMI Netherlands chapter. During this chapter meetingĀ Anouk Brack took the stage and enlightened all participants with a (hands on) session regarding “Leadership Embodiment” According to Anouk Leadership Embodiment is a practice of calm and assertive presence that results in a confident,...


How to become a social media rockstar

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There’s always room to improve…I’ve been taught many years ago. Room to improve my Facebook posts. Room to improve my Tweets, my Youtube movies, my Pinterest, my Instagram, my…. Heck, even room to improve my blog posts. And in my quest to improve my blog posts, I’ve stumbled on belows...


#sitnl2015 – The Pubquiz – Relive the fun :-)

During this year’s #sitNL, pubquiz v2.0 was introduced. No longer powerpoint driven, but fully interactive and mobile. Luckily the fun factor still remained…as in the end that’s the only real driver for the pubquiz After having received multiple requests regarding re-doing/re-living the fun, I’ve created this blogpost to inform all...


Getting out of my comfort zone: SAP Business Objects Dashboards


I’ve been a ‘back end’ consultant for most of my professional life. I started out with (back end) ABAP development and gradually moved over to (back end) BW development…and later on to Project Management, but that’s less relevant for this blog post. Even though I’m aware of the fact that...


15 things presenters should (really) stop saying


In October 2013 I’ve posted a blog stating the 10 things you should never say during presentations. Last week I’ve received an e-mail from Ivan Rodriguez pointing out a slideshare presentation created by Matteo Cassese (@matteoc) This presentation (embedded within this blog) can be seen as an “upgrade” as it...