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Browse infoprovider content via RSRT using a ‘non existing’ query

Browse infoprovider content via RSRT using a 'non existing' query

Imagine you’ve created an (acquisition) DSO for which you’d like to browse its content. Imagine this DSO contains General Ledger Data and is called MC_O005 Of course “Display data” or SE16 can come in handy, but slicing and dicing on this data isn’t easy. Wouldn’t it be nice if there...


#sitNL: Pubquiz 2014

"Who in the room likes hardcore porn?"
@svleuken moderating the pub quiz at #sitNL

— Thorsten Franz

A community event as the #sitNL deserves a final/closing session which is not about content, but about collaboration and having fun. That’s why, for the 3th consecutive time, the final #sitNL slot was granted to the PubQuiz. You can win the #sitNL PubQuiz without having a deep SAP knowledge…..as to...